Our weekend at the NYU Forum on Educational Theatre

We presented this weekend on our empty chair technique at NYU’s Forum on Educational Theatre. We so appreciated our wonderfully engaged participants. One thing that came of it all is that there is more to be done and so much we have to share. One person said, “I want to turn you inside out and know how you do this.” … Read More

Staying curious

We kicked off 2016 working with Academic Advisors at CU Boulder. The group wanted us to help explore Race, Gender and Class in Higher Education so that they could deliver the best service to students. We performed a scene between a staff person and a student employee. During our question and answer segment, one of the characters said about the … Read More

In “It” Together

I am currently in a play. There are twelve of us on stage at once. One missed line sends a ripple much like a knocked over domino impacts the rest of the pieces in its line. If I mess up, it doesn’t just hurt me, but it affects my cast mates as they are taking their cue from me. We … Read More