What Participants are Saying
After an Affinity Arts Performance

“You Got This” explores issues of race within a college setting.  This performance involves AAC’s empty chair technique where audience members come up on stage to change the outcome and practice bystander techniques in a facilitated setting.

“I really appreciate this because it makes you think and realize there are more perspectives than your own.”

“It is one thing to say it and another thing to interact”

“Lots of different people showed us how to better interact with one another”

“There is more than one way to take care of a situation”

-First year students at a University’s Orientation session

“Let Me Out” explores heterosexism, and homophobia

“I wish this performance existed when I was in High School. I would have felt less alone and probably would not have been bullied”

– participant at performance of “Let Me Out” at Higher Education Diversity Summit.


Why use live theater:  Using live theater can enhance comprehension and understanding of new subject matter by 58%, 
increases tolerance by 26% and can increase empathy (identifying thoughts and emotions in others) by 23%.”

– Green J.P., Hitt C., Kraybill A., & Bogulski, C. (2014). Learning from Live Theater. Education Next, Vol 15, 1


“Just Another Party” examines Sexual Assault, Alcohol Use, and Gender at a college party

“To be quite honest, the first time I saw this at Orientation, I thought it was stupid. Then I started going to college parties and I realized that it is happening. I am back to see how my perspective has changed.”

–participant at a University’s public performance of Just Another Party.

“Is That How It Really Is?” examines race and gender in supervisor/ employee relationship.

“Thanks to Affinity Arts! The inclusiveness training was impactful. Our board has had two previous trainings, both were theoretical. This one really hit home! Inclusivity as a topic became more personal watching the actors. It connected with me and others in unique ways by triggering our own past experiences. An awkward tension developed in me as the scene played out, and left me in a reflective space with understanding of how I could do an even better job in the future as a leader and manager”

– Board president of non profit organization


“The Best Diversity Training I Have Ever Experienced”

– Participant in AAC training for Staff in a University Setting


“Affinity Arts Consulting delivered a 2 day Cultural Sensitivity training for a group of restorative justice practitioners that was engaging and for many life changing. Personally,  I have attending several of this type of training and never felt as transformed by my learning as I did with this one. Even now, weeks later, many of the things we experienced resonate and get applied in real world time.”

– Deb Witzel, State Coordinator for Restorative Justice and Adult Diversion